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Party Tips  to make your party   GREAT


LIGHT MAKE-UP.  While circus clowns entertain at a distance, a children's entertainer at your party works more closely with the children.  Choose an entertainer with a child-friendly look. Otherwise you may have terrified  kids having the worst day of their lives instead of thrilled kids having the most fun, wonderful experience ever!

Have the entertainer arrive after all the children have arrived, giving the kids several minutes to relax and feel at home at the party.  A good children's entertainer will give the kids a chance to warm up to her and not approach any kids directly until it is clear that the child is relaxed.  BUKI "breaks the ice" quickly in her Comedy Magic Show and inspires belly laughs within the first few minutes.

During the Magic Show:  Try to create a space which is free of distractions such as helium balloons, toys, and especially adult conversation.  It is challenging for any entertainer to keep the children's attention amidst a background of grown-up conversation.  You are inviting a real theatrical show into your home or party space.  BUKI's show is interactive and designed to have the children have an experience of being special, important, and smarter than the clown!

ALWAYS!  ALWAYS!  ALWAYS!  Supervise children with balloons.  STOP kids from putting balloons in their mouths, even if that child is not yours.

BUKI prefers to perform her 30-minute Comedy Magic Show first, so that the children have a chance to get to know her and see that she is a lot of fun.  BUKI can offer face painting or balloon animals to kids while you are serving lunch or singing Happy Birthday and serving birthday cake.
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