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What Folks Say About Buki the Clown

Stephanie, Parent, says:


Buki came to my daughter's 5th birthday party. All the kids (ages 3 to 7) had huge smiles and tons of laughs as they were fully entertained by her magic show. She also did face painting, and balloons (and pretty creative ones which I hadn't seen before, like a spider hanging from a thread, and a fish hanging from a fish pole). The kids loved her! She was also on time and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Buki!


Mary Jobelle, Parent, says:


had my daughter's birthday party May 11 and I booked her from 4-6:30. She came early and asked me if I wanted to start the face painting  she came in 3:30 checked the venue and started doing the face painting right away. We had around 20 kids who liked to be painted and she did everyone of them. She did her magic show and the smile and the laughs of all the kids and even parents are priceless. After the magic show, she made sure all kids get a simple balloon twisting. Even if she came early, she still left after 6:30. Some parents even asked me about her and commented how good she was with kids.

I am very happy that I picked her. She made sure that the payment is worth it. If i will have another kids party in the future, i will definitely pick her again.


Kristina B.,  Parent says:

Buki is the best clown ever. This is the second time we hired her. She is so playful and we love her magic show. She is so much fun. She just makes things magical. Thank again Buki.




David H., Teacher and Parent, says:


Wow - what an amazing, hilarious show that had our entire preschool laughing out & teachers alike!  

Buki is at ease commanding and entertaining an entire room full of wiggly 3 and 4 year olds.

We've also seen Buki at the Marin Camp Fair where she has made amazing face painting and balloon animals.

We're now a big fan and when my daughter has a birthday party, we'll definitely call Buki!




John, Librarian, Storyteller and Parent, says:


Buki the Clown is the greatest!  I've had the chance to see her and hire her for for events many times over the years.  Buki's is my go-to magic show: her performance is exciting, hilarious, very kid-friendly, and absolutely full of audience participation.  She's easy to work with, her rates are more than reasonable, and her show is always a hit.

And for grownups who are afraid of clowns--or have trained their kids to be: Buki is no scary clown.  Her face is painted just enough--very understated--and her demeanor is very kind & approachable.  And silly, too, yes!




Talal, Parent says:


Buki enchanted both of my girls. She is definitely their favorite performer. Her sense of humor is perfect for children. I check Fairyland's schedule every month to see if she is performing. Additionally, she is a very nice person; she was very receptive and welcoming when I asked her to take pictures with my girls.




Julia G., Parent, says:


Buki entertained my son's 3rd Birthday party. She was incredible! She kept 12 three year olds entertained for a long show!!! She's also a talented face painter. Every kid came away with beautiful face paint! I'm so thankful for Buki. Her show was fun and the kids laughed and laughed.  All the parents enjoyed it, too.




Larissa S.,  Parent, says:

We saw Buki in a rare St. George, Utah performance.  She was a kind and funny performer who evoked mirth from her young audience.  My three year old, who is rather shy, sat on my lap and giggled deep in his tummy while watching Buki's antics with her hat.  Even the most energetic kids in the audience were enthralled with the show and sat listening--and responding, when appropriate.  Thank you Buki for making the children laugh and engage with you in such a positive and fun way!  Buki has a natural talent for drawing out the natural, spontaneous, and hilarious nature of all children.



Riley, Parent, says:


Wow, Buki is the best! She has performed at our children's museum in St. George, Utah multiple times and she does a phenomenal job every time. The kids LOVE her. She is comfortable in and in command of a room full of children (and adults!) and is so easy to work with. Her balloon art and face painting are phenomenal. We plan to have her visit again and again. If you need entertainment, hire Buki!


St. George Children's Museum says:

We LOVE Buki! She traveled from the Bay Area to Utah to perform at the St. George Children's Museum... twice! For two years in a row, Buki has been a huge hit. Kids and adults of all ages are captivated by her humor and balloon skills. She aptly keeps the attention of a room full of wiggly kids. And don't get me started on her face painting skills- unreal. Buki is as talented and professional as they come, and we hope to have her return to the museum as often as possible!



Marina Z., Parent says:


Buki is unbelievable! We met her today at the IKEA, where she was doing face painting and balloons for kids.  She is a real PROFESSIONAL.  She works quickly, which is very important when little kids are waiting.   She makes every child feel special and every child's ideas and interests- unique and important, when she talks to them while painting. Watch her hands when she creates an animal balloon! It's super fast but she takes the time to explain kids how paints mix together or how she ties the balloons.  You can see, she has a background in elementary education and art.  Her face painting is so imaginative!  She uses sparkly paints, gemstones and every design is different.  Buki! Come to NY! We love talented and unusual entertainers like you! They are so rare to come across!



August, New Bride, says:

Buki was AMAZING from start to finish!

We hired her to entertain and keep occupied a whole bunch children at our outdoor wedding before and during the ceremony and during the cocktail hour. We had about 20 kids total, most of whom were between 1.5 and 7 years old. We knew Buki from her past performances at the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute Christmas parties and so we were very confident that she would be great for our wedding as well.  

She was very easy to talk to on the phone and was on point with all the logistical details. I also appreciated her experience and expertise with these sort of things - when I asked her about some of my crazy ideas for kid activities, she gave me absolutely invaluable advice and helped me think through the details. This gave me confidence and a peace of mind going into the big day.

As a bride, I didn't really see her during the wedding, but EVERYONE came up to me afterwards and commented on how fun and organized she was. I saw kids running around with balloon animals and painted faces and they were ecstatic! She kept them entertained when the ceremony ran late and all the way to dinner. We had no crying children and the ceremony, and with 20 kids - that is a monumental achievement!

My husband and I are truly and deeply grateful to Buki for all her help and I am pretty sure all our parent friends will be calling her for kid birthday parties and such!!

Douglas P., Parent, says:


Long overdue but here it goes:   AWESOME.    Shows up on time.  Tells the grown ups to please let the children enjoy the show (the show IS for the kids, right?!) and gets to work.

My review is worthless compared to the real reviews,  the KIDS' reviews.   And their rave reviews are in the form of their  LAUGHTER and JOY; and the fact that your  CHILDREN will experience their innermost spirit respected and tickled by this ARTIST--she's really not a clown folks, there is heart, intelligence, passion and creativity here--who, who MERGES with her young audience in what is truly a gift.

We met Buki in Fairyland about 12 years ago when my son was in some Choir perfomance there.  Decided we wanted her to do his 5 year old party.  The rest was history.  The people at that party jumped on the bandwagon and I think she got several gigs from that.    Then,  as my son grew and grew,   we kept bumping into Buki ALL OVER the Bay.   Why?  Because word gets around and when you're awesome, people call you back.    But here where it gets better:  you will often see BUKI performing for FREE at events for children going through difficulties--ever heard of Locks of Love?   Look it up and know that Buki is as awesome at what she does as her generous heart and love for children is HUGE.    

But back to why you're reading this.   Your kid's party and whether you should you hire this Living Bay Area Monument.    Nearly 11 years after we first hired her, my daughter Adhi was about to turn 5 (yes folks, we spaced our kids 10 freaking years apart and yes, it has its advantages and disadvantages)  my wife said,  "call Buki for the birthday party."   This was January and the party was not until mid April,  so I rushed to the phone (she books fast).   She knew who I was and soon enough we were old buddies.

My daughter's party this past April 2017 was just as special as I remember my son's 5 year old party.   Truly, folks, bring the heart and joy of this artist to your children.  BUT MAKE SURE YOU LET THE ADULTS give her the space and quiet she deserves to truly be there for the most important people at your child's party:   THE KIDS!

Balloon magic or face painting?  Whichever way you go,  you can't go wrong.  We paid extra, I think,  to get both.    

On time, she focused where it counts: the kids not the drunks or loudmouth adults.  And, as expected, she was magical.  BUKI will kick butt (figuratively, of course--this clown wouldn't hurt a fly) at your child's party.  

So yes.  5 stars.   There ain't more stars to give her.

Finally, my last paragraph, naturally,  must be one of appreciation:

Thank you, dear Buki:   You are truly remarkable!  No review (good or bad) can ever describe who you truly are or what it is that you do.  It is only in the smiles  and roll-on-the-floor laughter of the kids who connect with your heart and spirit that ANY adult will appreciate the value of your art.   THANK YOU dear lady,  and may the mere thought of the joy you bring children be your heart's nutriment always.



Raya R., Parent, says:

She is awesome!!!! Loves children and is incredibly talented! Top of the line face painting on girls and boys.



Dwain S., Parent, says:


Buki's face painting skills are incredible!! My kids are still smiling. She's funny! 5 star


Katelynn W., Parent, says:

She is amazing!! Best face painting around!




Nicole T.,  Catholic Charities, says:


I facilitate family fun night at a homeless shelter in Sonoma County for families and young children . On very short notice I asked Buki if she could come do a Christmas Eve show. I was so delighted when she agreed to come at such short notice. She happily greeted a roomful of excited rambunctious children and handled it like a true professional. The children laughed hysterically at her comedy. I love how she involves the children in her act. The face painting was amazing. If you would like a creative, funny, unique experience Buki is your clown. Not only is she amazingly generous with her time, she is also a warm kind soul. She knew just how to handle high energy children while continuing to entertain. Everyone enjoyed the show including the parents. I truly recommend Buki and will be hiring her again for our next special event!!! Such a cute act.




Elin, Teacher, says:


I am a first grade teacher in Santa Rosa California.  Buki the Clown recently performed for several first grade classes at my school, J.X.Wilson Elementary.  Buki was absolutely fantastic.  She had all the kids in stiches and the two teachers as well.  What I liked best about her performance was how very appropriate the humor was to her audience.  She really "gets" six year olds.  Also, she really builds the kids up with her program.  They are not only entertained, they end up feeling good about themselves and smart.  She also knows how to work the crowd.  What I mean by that is, teachers are often afraid of getting kids too worked up:  if you're going to get them going like crazy, you better know how to get them back down.  Well, she does.  I didn't need to worry at all.  She had the kids in the palm of her hand.  Kudos to Buki.Elin - Teacher




Lucine A., Santa Rosa, says:


Buki the Clown is so amazing.  I was looking for someone to help entertain my children during our daughters birthday party at our home. She kept in touch communicating with us about our needs for the party and was extremely accommodating. She was extremely friendly to the children and extremely artistic and creative when it came to the face painting. When looking for someone for the party she was extremely prompt and very reasonable in price
I would recommend her to anyone
If you are looking for a show, some creative face painting and some who can put some balloon animals together, this is your one stop shop.




Mike, Parent, says:


Met Buki today! Super pro! There are a lot of clowns, face painters and balloon artists out there but Buki is awesome! Great customer service and so pleasant. Great work! Highly recommend!


                                                    Buki = Magical!

We met Buki at the Bluxome St fair this past weekend and what a memorable occasion it was!

Buki went above and beyond with the face painting - gems, detail, gorgeous! my daughter looked in the mirror no less that 40 times and insisted on sleeping in the makeup while clutching Buki's card. We get facepainting on the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk a lot and this particular face paint would have cost about $45+ on the boardwalk - not that they could have done what Buki did.




AK S., Parent, says:

What was most memorable about the morning was the way Buki interacted with my daughter, playing up her strengths, playing in to her humor, delighting in her enjoyment of the balloons, the clown tricks and her laughter. Buki truly loves her work and the kids that flock to her resonate with that energy.

I never would have seen it before, but my daughter would be a great clown candidate!! We have been subjected to the hat trick at home repetitively...

Thanks Buki - We can't wait to see you again soon!




Jennifer A., Parent, says:


Buki was exceptional today at our birthday party with something like 30 kids, mostly 3-4 years old. Somehow she managed to get the entire room seated, watching, and totally engaged. There was so much laughter and especially from my daughter and she even drew my son out at the end who cannot stand being in crowds. Both of my kids keep asking for Buki and I've already gotten several emails from parents saying how much their kids loved Buki. I was very skeptical at first about having a clown for the kiddos but so glad I decided to go for it. I highly recommend Buki!!




T.C.,  Parent, says:


We had Buki for my son's 5th birthday party and we were SO IMPRESSED! The kids not only belly laughed throughout the length of her performance, they all sat in attention for 30 minutes to watch her. I'm so happy we discovered Buki and I'm looking forward to hiring her again for my soon to be four year old's birthday!



Winnie L., Parent, says:


Buki was visiting our resort in Windsor yesterday.  My daughter loves face painting, so we decided to stop by.  Wow!  Seriously, I was blown away by her skills and her love for children. I mean, I've seen a lot of face painters.  But Buki doesn't go by a picture in a book.  She makes every child's canvas a work of art.   She goes out of her way to ensure all kids are okay as some were patiently waiting.  Without being asked, she volunteers to put on a magic show for all the little ones.  The girls loved, loved it.  She essentially entertained a group of 3 - 7 yr olds for 3 hrs.  You could tell she loves what she does.  I was so glad to hear she is from the East Bay as I would love to book her for an event.



Tara M., Parent, says:

Buki was great. It take a little while to get ahold of her I'm assuming because she's busy with parties on the weekends, but she is well worth the price and the kids love her! I hired Buki for my sons first birthday party and she was a big hit. One of my sons cracked  up the entire time. The kids were attentive and interested through out her performance. We also had her paint the kids faces and she was the best. One of my kids has eczema but had no problems with the face paint. I was a little worried about him getting his face painted but I'm going to go ahead and say she must use the good stuff because he had no flare ups at all. I would truly hire her again and recommend her for your party.




Novia V., Parent, says:


Hands down Büki is the this best clown ever!
Büki the clown is loving, caring, considerate, and very funny.  When I first met Büki I was floored and so impressed at her, colorful non scary face and costume, face paintings, magic show, and wacky balloons. She also has a lovely and outstanding attitude with any situation given.  I can't stop here, Büki also has a special way with interacting with children and even the adults love her. If you're looking for an amazing and memorable time for your darling child, my only and #1 choice is Büki. She also offers shows in Spanish. Go and check her out at Fairyland and Ikea.
If yelp allowed 10 stars I would give Büki 12 stars. I will never forget this cool clown Buki.





Paula, Grandma, says:


Buki came to our Annual Children's Carnival on the Russian River.  She was a huge success!  She arrived appropriately early and was ready to perform at the start of the event.  The kids and parents LOVED her and the balloon sculptures were creative and fun!  The rocking horse hat was a crowd pleaser.    Personally, I loved the hanging spider!  Buki rocks!  Already reserved Buki for next summer!



Suzanne, Parent, says:


Buki the Clown is the only entertainer we would ever use for our parties.  We had used other clowns in the past, and the kids were bored or scared stiff.  Buki is gentle and endearing, and the kids warm up to her immediately.  Her magic show is silly and funny and has real class.  She elicits funny responses from the kids, and even more so, she elicits belly laughs throughout the show.

Our kids abosolutely LOVE her face painting and we always take a zillion pictures of the kids because they look so beautiful once Buki has painted them.  Buki is not only a great artist, but absolutely professiional.

She is always on time to the minute, and our family and our guests have always loved her.  In fact, our kids can't stop talking about her.

Buki is the BEST!



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